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Student Experience

Delivering an outstanding student experience is one of our priorities,

We aim to create the opportunities for our students to have an exceptional and distinctive experience which prepares them for life beyond their studies and which is the beginning of a positive lifelong relationship with the University.
To meet our aim we are: combining our recognized teaching excellence with an outstanding student experience. Our academic support framework fostering in our students a real sense of belonging to a community of inclusive and individualised approach to enhancing our student experience that encompasses all subjects, all modes of learning, all student services. We see that our students graduate with the expertise and graduate attributes they need to achieve their full potential within the working industry.

Student Service and Support

We have qualified coaches, mentors and facilators in our network to assist our students to enjoy their study effectively, understand applied workplace skills and know-how. All our graduates will have had a very good grounding in Design Thinking, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship giving them all the value added feature in the market places.


We celebrate with our graduates at the end of their successful venture at Genovasi. Here we have industry players joining us to give our graduates confidence that they walk amongst people from commerce and industry making their quests for a relevant career posting effective and efficient.

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