Genovasi has evolved a course in design thinking tailored to specially give their students a competitive edge and advantage over their peers.


Wednesday, 14 Apr 2021 | Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, April 14 — Genovasi University College has created a special business programme aimed at addressing all the practical aspects of the business workplace, in response to the problems raised by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) Genovasi said the programme was designed to remedy employee shortcomings over the past two decades that the MEF highlighted.

“These weaknesses are chronic and mostly focus on issues such as poor working attitude amongst new graduates, poor command of the English language and weakness in applying IT skills,” it said in a statement.

Genovasi added that these problems seriously hamper national productivity and negatively impact the earnings of the employees. “They will address these shortcomings through knowledge enhancement using technology and incorporating design thinking approaches to enable their students to take control of their career through continuous self-directed lifelong learning.

“They are betting big on a flexible e-learning approach to accounting and financial studies,” it said. Asides from teaching regular subjects like accounting, economics and business management, Genovasi has evolved a course in design thinking tailored to specially give their students a competitive edge and advantage over their peers.

“The professional degrees not only include accounting, financial and corporate subjects but also subjects like employability and entrepreneurship. “These topics together with the design thinking module helps the student to be more management or employer-centric.

With these innovative subjects, students are expected to greatly enhance their employability, facilitate promotion opportunities and selfactualization upon graduation,” Genovasi said.

Its Department of Accounting and Financial Studies, which created and will spearhead the programme, will train the students in their chosen field especially in accounting, financial intelligence and corporate management, ready for practice upon completion of
their business courses.

“However they seek out ideas using technology to focus on helping students, especially for those students who for whatever reasons missed out on opportunities to further their education.

“Genovasi’s courses help to improve their learning attitude and to secure the necessary skills to advance their career. They will then contribute better to the economy and increase productivity within the context of becoming lifelong learners,” it said.

Genovasi’s unique package offering includes online learning, flexi-hours and flexilocation learning, a unique financial intelligence syllabus, and learning outcomes addressing professional exposure.

The department is currently headed by Adjunct Professor Dr. Christopher Heng Kee Chai and assisted by Adjunct Associate Professor Dr. Chan Khin Thiam

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