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January, May, September


Full Time: 1 Year





Foundation in Arts

The Foundation in Arts program provides students with the theoretical and practical foundations of knowledge and adequate skills in various disciplines of study in arts which prepares them for undergraduate studies in a wider perspective. Through this program, students would be able to explain concepts, theories, and principles in their area of study. The standards of this program have been tailored to complement the current industrial demand which focuses on students’ fundamental skills and knowledge development.


Year By Semester

Year 1

Sem 1

1.     Thinking Skills

2.     Basic Information And Communication Technology (ICT)

3.     English I

4.     Mathematics

5.     Co-Curriculum

Sem 2

1.     English II

2.     Essentials Of Economics

3.     Introduction To Law

4.     Financial Accounting

5.     Elective(I)

Sem 3

1.     Introduction To Marketing

2.     Introduction To Management

3.     Management Accounting

4.     Elective (II)


Electives: Choose Any 2 Only

               I.         Introduction To Finance

              II.         Introduction To Psychology

            III.         Writing & Research Skills

            IV.         Introduction To Visual Arts

             V.         Introduction To Mass Media And Communication

            VI.         Introduction To Legal Skills

January, May, September

Full Time: 1 year

50 credits

      I.         Memiliki Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya kepujian dalam lima mata pelajaran; Atau

     II.         Lulus O-Level dengan mendapat Gred C dalam lima mata pelajaran; Atau

   III.         Lulus Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Gred B dalam tiga mata pelajaran; Atau

   IV.         Kelayakan lain yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan Malaysia dan pihak Senat Universiti.

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