PhD (Arts and Design) (ODL) (MQA/PA 15579) (N-DL/0210/8/0002) 5/29

Quick Facts


January, May, September


A recognised Master’s degree


Full time: 3-5 years




PhD (Arts and Design) (ODL) (MQA/PA 15579) (N-DL/0210/8/0002) 5/29

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest level of academic qualification that can be awarded by a university. As a PhD student you will undertake advanced research work that contribute to a significant new knowledge in a chosen field. This qualification will set you apart from other qualifications as you will be in the forefront in term of knowledge and understanding of a particular research area.


Our PhD (Arts and Design) provides opportunity for students to carry out in-depth investigation into specific areas related to arts and design discipline with the aim of enhancing and contributing to new knowledge. Upon completion you will show significant improvement in your research, analytical and presentation skills that are valuable in academics and arts and design career. 


Our PhD (Arts and Design) is offered fully online and the compulsory subjects are delivered both synchronous and asynchronously. Students will meet online (synchronous) with a subject lecturer or research supervisor on a specific schedule. Other requirements including Graduate Seminar and Colloquium will be conducted online. The rest of the learning will be asynchronous through research works and self-learning. This allows for flexible learning and most appropriate for working adults who are able to schedule the study time completely on their own.


You may choose any of the following research areas or other areas that can be considered on case-to-case basis:


Arts, Design, and Cultural Management

Graphic Design

Industrial Design

Ceramic Design

Textile Design

Fine Metal

Puppetry, Art

and Creativity

Art Education

Architectural And Environmental Design

January, May, September

Full time:  3-5 years

A Master’s degree in business with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 or equivalent

Any other qualifications will be considered by University Senate.

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