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January, May, September


Bachelor's Degree


Full time: 4 Semesters
(1 year and 4 months)






The scenario for Traditional Malay Medicine Is such that Its knowledge and skills have been transferred from generation to generation orally, making It difficult to identify qualified practitioners. It Is very clear that the knowledge and qualification of practitioners have a direct impact on patient safety. Those Involved In this area have seen the Importance of Traditional Malay Medicine in the country and have worked closely with the Ministry of Health to draw up policy and regulations for Traditional and Complementary Medicine practitioners In general. The Ministry of Health has established 3 portal for Traditional and Complementary Medicine in the website. Continuing education has been an urgent agenda for T&CM practitioners. It Is timely that the T&CM practitioners obtain and complete formal education/training programme before they are recognised as a TCM practitioner.

The programme provides knowledge and practical skills based on the principles In the development of educated, knowledgeable, skilled and Innovative human capital, In driving a knowledge-based economy. It Internalises positive and progressive attitudes, values, ethics, sense of professionalism and leadership skills for societal advancement, in accordance with the vision.

‘The programme nurtures the ability for participants to analyse and solve problems as well as having the capacity to evaluate and make decisions critically and creatively, based on knowledge and experience. The programme stimulates the quest for lifelong learning. for continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills that mirror the rapid advancement in global knowledge. It examines general and specific issues that are relevant to the policies of the Institution, region. country or world.


Sem 1


1.     Pengajian Malaysia 2 (U1)

2.     Anatomi

3.     Patologi

4.     Sejarah dan Falsafah Perubatan Melayu

5.     Fisiologi

6.     Toksikologi

1.     Pengurusan Ibu Selepas Bersalin

2.     Fito Perubatan

3.     Higen dan Keselamatan

4.     Rawatan Bekam

5.     Farmakognosi

6.     Pengurusan Kes dan Terapiutik 1

Sem 2


1.     English for Academic Writing (U2)

2.     Teras dan Prinsip Perubatan Melayu

3.     Sumber Rujukan Kitab Tib

4.     Mikrobiologi

5.     Psikologi

6.     Isu Fiqh Semasa (U3)

7.     Perubatan Kecemasan

8.     Nutrisi

1.     Rawatan Urut

2.     Materia Medica

3.     Pengurusan Kes dan Terapiutik 2

4.     Rawatan Herba

5.     Kaedah Penyelidikan

6.     Akidah Perubatan Melayu

7.     Kemahiran Berkomunikasi

Sem 3


1.     Pemikiran Kritis

2.     Introduction to Decision Thinking for Decision Makers

3.     Amalan  Kerohanian

4.     Khidmat Masyarakat (U4)

1.     Etika Perubatan, Profesionalisme dan Tadbir Urus

2.     Pengurusan dan Keusahawan

3.     Terapi Pemakanan dan Nutrisi

4.     Pengurusan Kes dan Terapiutik 3


January, May, September

FT : 2  Years 6 Months  PT: 3 Years 8 Months

96 credit

      I.         Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent with 3 credit including a pass in Science and Mathematics; OR

     II.         Recognised Certificate in Traditional and Complementary Medicine with 1 year of relevant work experience.

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