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(MQA/PA 15578)


Diploma in Management is one of our home-grown program. It is a versatile program that gives student a good understanding of the business environment and organisational context. This program opens a vast opportunity to students to build the necessary skills such as leadership, responsibility, autonomy, entrepreneurship, ethic, professionalism, communication, practical, interpersonal and personal skills that assure them to engage in industrial training and career development. Student earned this diploma will be able to manage a business prominently on operations and practicality. They will be also able to capture the fundamentals of information technology to familiarise themselves with technical terms and approaches in digital business to enhance their business strategy and capability with significant managerial skills. Our Diploma in Management graduates are able to fulfil these career prospects: Business Admin Executive, Cinema Assistant Manager, Human Resource Executive, Shipping Planner Officer, Assistant Area Manager, Sales Representative, Assistant Sales Manager, Factory Supervisor, Store Keeper, Customer Service Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Administrative Executive, Customer Success Executive, Property & Admin Assistant Manager, Officer in Customer Management Unit, Examination Executive, Risk Management Officer, Retail Operation Executive, etc.

January, May, September

Full Time: 2 Years 6 Months
Part Time: 3 Years 8 Months

Total Credits: 91 credits

Year By Semester

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Sem 1


1.     Falsafah dan Isu Semasa

2.     Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1

3.     Academic English 1

4.     Principles of Accounting 1

5.     Computer Software Applications

6.     Principles of Management

1.     Co Curriculum

2.     Principles of Economics

3.     Principles of Marketing

4.     Management Information System

5.     Principles of Finance

1.     Ethics in Business

2.     Introduction to International Business

3.     Strategic Management

4.     Human Resource Management

5.     Partnership and Company Law

Sem 2


1.     Basic Entrepreneurship

2.     Academic English 2

3.     Business Mathematics

4.     Principles of Accounting 2

5.     Principles of Public Relations

1.     Consumer Behaviour

2.     Business Statistics

3.     Small Business Management

4.     Operation Management

5.     Consumer Marketing

1.     Industrial Training

Sem 3


1.     Professional Communications

2.     Bahasa Kebangsaan A*

3.     Academic English 3

1.     E-Commerce

2.     Organizational Behaviour

3.     Commercial Law



   I.      Possess Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with a minimum of 3 credits including Mathematics, and a pass in English; OR

 II.      A Pass in Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) or its equivalent, with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.0) in any subject, and credits in Mathematics and a pass in English at SPM level; OR

III.      A pass in Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) with a minimum grade of Maqbul (pass) and credits in Mathematics and a pass in English at SPM Level; OR

IV.      A pass in Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 3, in the related field. (Note: HEPs need to conduct specific screening and guidance related to the filed of the program for the students); OR

 V.      A Certificate (Level 3, Malaysian Qualifications Framework, MQF) or its equivalent in a related field; OR

VI.       Other qualifications recognised by Malaysian Government.

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