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Genovasi is a combination of the Malay words for ‘Generation’ and ‘Innovation’, capturing our mission to embed Design Thinking in all spectrums of society.

Genovasi d.school Malaysia belongs to a greater network of Design Thinking schools (better known as “d.schools”) in the USA, Germany, and South Africa. 

With more than 9 years of experience in conducting Design Thinking programs for both the public and private sectors, Genovasi d.school Malaysia has permeated government ministries and agencies as well as various industries and niche areas such as telecommunications, media, and consumer goods. 

Our History

Genovasi was established in Year 2012 through the vision of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, through the combined efforts of the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Founder Chairman of a renowned multinational corporation (MNC) founded in Malaysia which consists of 3 Public Listed Corporations and a Group of Private Limited Companies.

Genovasi is the ONLY University in Malaysia granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Government of Malaysia to offer all its programs based on Dual Mode i.e., Conventional as well as (Open) Online and Distance Learning (ODL) in Year 2017.

Over a short period of less than 10 years, Genovasi had trained more than 15,000 students and trainees consisting of the government and civil servants, management and staff members of public and private listed companies from both Malaysia and overseas.

The Vision

Mutantur Vitas, Impulsum Gentibus
Changing Lives, Impacting Nations 


To Advance Knowledge Through Conventional and Distance Learning Enhanced by Design Thinking


The University was founded at the time when there was a critical need in Malaysia to establish a university that is unique and forward thinking.

Hence, Genovasi programs are created with design thinking and innovation principles available in both conventional and distance learning mode with innovation and leading design thinking at the core of its vision and mission.

Genovasi’s d.school, Malaysia was born through its close affiliation with both the Founder of Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), Potsdam, Germany and the Global Design Thinking (DT) Institute which is renowned for its collaboration with various leading and technologically-advanced institutions from around the world.

The University is also known for its close affiliation with the He’ Cultural Institute based in The People’s Republic of China, renowned for the promotion of harmony, peace and balance in every aspects of government, organizational, commercial, family and personal lives.


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